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Nicolas Sarrut
 President & Founder, ADMCS, France

This 20th Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summits Dubai Summit allowed ADMCS to raise new high-level investors and appreciated funds.


Victoria Kennedy
Chief Executive Officer at Victorious, USA

Sir Anthony Ritossa's 20th Global Family Office Investment Summit, which was held in Dubai from October 18-20, 2022,  was a splendid, valuable event. It was a room full of investors and incredible projects that were highly-vetted and worth funding — a balanced mixture between those who wanted to invest in projects and those who had projects in which to invest. 


Offer Dischon
Co-founder & CEO, PBO-OBS Global Group, Denmark

The Summit gathered an extraordinary and well selected leading global investment Family Offices, and Projects Owners with diverse portfolio of projects, for everyone's taste. It was a pleasure to meet you all.


Dijana Popic
Principal at PerlaVi, USA

I was very fortunate to attend Sir Anthony Ritossa's Global Summit in October. The event was wonderfully organized and provided me with an exceptional opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and business professionals. 


Muayad Kafesha
Founder and Ceo, Metaverse, UAE

It was a great event with Global Family Offices, Sheikhs, Royal Families, Private Investors and leading businesses gather to exchange key thought leaderships, prosperous meetings and building legacies. 


Jonathan Bertrand
Founder Social Media Relations, USA

I respect business leaders like Mr. Ritossa who showed the reality and opportunities that are out there for my generation and the next, extraordinary insightful but you have to be willing to pay attention and know what's coming around the world. Last year, I don't know how or who but was somehow got connected to someone who was attending the summit but in Monaco for his Annual Family Office Summit ( Public Knowledge if you know what to look for ) . When I realized what this was, I realized the influence isn't about the money, it's about the purpose and impact you can make for generations to come and that's we're the networking begins. Changed the course of my work and developments and to those who've followed since, I appreciate you greatly. Soon, I'll be there mvself for Research and Education and look to have my own family office. Carting to

" Social Media Studies - Mental and Behavioral

Health ".


Jeff Ransdell
Managing Director and Founding Partner at Fuel Venture Capital Partners, USA

What an incredible tour of the UAE, spending time with our founders and meeting incredible financial influencers.


Maggie Vo, CFA and I were asked to speak on stage at a world recognized family office gathering in Dubai with our partners UPVIEW VENTURES.


We educated those in attendance on our views of current creative economy opportunities and macroeconomic factors we have our eye on.


Greta Sapkaite
Co-founder, GAP Fund & Safe SIM Monaco

A summit for world class leaders, decision makers and contributors, with an Influential platform to make a difference, is taking place between June 27-29, 2022 in Monaco, under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The summit is a Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summits.

The World’s No. 1 Family Office Investment Conference - Largest and Most Influential Gathering of Family Wealth.


Shane Kehoe
Managing Partner, SwissBorg Ventures, United Kingdom

I will have the privilege to be a speaker at Sir Anthony Ritossa’a Global Family Office Investment Summits one of the most exclusive events in the world.


The Summit is known for its exceptional networking opporttunities.between Family Offices, and thought leaders from all over the world.


Delegations of the event include Prestigious Family Offices, Private Investors, Sheikhs, Royal Families and Leading Businesses from 55+ countries representing more than $4.5 trillion in wealth.


Massimo Falcioni
Chief Executive Officer at Etihad Credit Insurance, UAE

Thank you Sir Anthony Ritossa. I congratulate with you for the success of the19th Global Family office Investment Summit in Monaco.


You are a great leader and your expertise, industry insight, and reach into the global markets is unparalleled.


Lakshmi Narayanan
 Chairman of the Board Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute Inc, USA

This is one of the great gatherings. Sir Anthony Ritossa , yourself and your team deserve a great appreciation for putting together this show . We really appreciate the invitation. We strongly believe the best ones are yet to come.


Prof., DA (hc) Olga Mroz, Dame of Honour
Prof. and Director Open World and Art Business at Al-Khalifa Business School , Editor and Chief of the AKBS Art Journal

Congratulations for Outstanding Event dear Sir Anthony Ritossa.
You are a thought leader, a passionate visionary. You are truly rocking the world.
Today,  Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summits is one of the leading Global Family Office Investment Summits and has played an important role in creating and attracting new investment opportunities.
I am blessed and excited have attended over 10 of your incredible investment conferences. I am thrilled to have the privilege of learning from you. You are making a difference in the world!!!


Adam Reiser

CEO | CTO | FounderCEO | CTO | Founder Verity One Ltd, USA

The Anthony Ritossa 'ARG' Globial Family Office Investment Summit's attendees are and represent TOP tier investors and opportunities. The Anthony Ritossa Summit is a safe haven for UNBIASED business, ethical, religious and future discussions. In this world of polical correctness is a breath of fresh air Thank you. The ARG exposes the Family Office Investment Network to small to medium start-ups whom would never have this quality and concentration of opportunities and speed to market. This cuts out the big investment houses and increases deal flow.

The world needs more groups like the Anthony Ritossa GFOIS and Anthony Ritossa himself.


Murtaza Khan
President at Khan Capital Inc, CANADA

Thank you Anthony for having amazing events. After attending your event in Monaco a few years back, it was life changing for me and my business. The family office investors (whom I met and kept in touch with), paved the way in sharpening my skills. They with all the best intentions identified that my project needed much more work and so did I to achieve my goals. You'r events and investors simply expect the best of the best from any company that is presenting. 

Im looking forward to attending again soon with the knowledge and experience Ive gained. And this time Ill be ready, thanks to you. Again, amazing job on brining the right people together each and every time.  


Sameem Gaffar
Consulting Director, Probity Management Consultancies, UAE

I thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality of the suave Sir Anthony Ritossa. 
The last Summit was definitely one of the best such events I have ever seen, giving a platform and a voice to tech entrepreneurs, social-entrepreneurs, science, investors and even the UN. Next one: February 2023.


Paurush Sonkar
 Founder & CEO, Stallions Capital, UAE

We meet people every day, we meet good human beings once in a while, but we meet legends once in a lifetime, I am however fortunate that I have had the opportunity to meet a legend multiple times..


It is always a great pleasure to meet Sir Anthony Ritossa Chairman of the Ritossa Family Office and Founder Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summits


The events organised by Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summits for Family Offices across the Middle East are a spectacular show of perfect coordination and precise planning. The events are graced by some of the biggest family offices & names in the region and beyond


Dr. Reem Al Torki
General Supervisor of Strategy and Institutional Excellence at Confidential Government, KSA

It was an honour for me to attend one of the leading conferences in Dubai like the 20th Anniversary Sir Anthony Ritossa's Global Family Office Investment Summits in Dubai in October, 18-20, 2022. Family Offices, Companies, business leaders, visionaries, investors from all over the world had the opportunity to meet, discuss hot subjects, attract investments, conclude business agreements, and promote international

cooperation, make a difference. I was especially interested and excited by the

topics of CLIMATE CHANGE, EDUCATION, NEW TECHNOLOGY, and FEMALE EMPOWERMENT. It was a huge success on all fronts.


Eisa Khalid Al Ali
PMP Vice President PMO at North25, UAE

Congratulations Sir Anthony Ritossa for the great success of the 20th anniversary of the Summit. I was so honored to be a panel speaker in the 20th anniversary of the Sir Anthony Ritossa Family Summit. Thank you Sir Anthony Ritossa for the remarkable success of the Dubai Summit 


Jouko Ahvenaninen
Founder & Chairman, Prifina, USA

The best event for a long time, the family office summit by Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summits. Excellent discussions about the current market, technology trends, and especially how decentralized solutions change the world. Prifina - Liberty. Equality. Data. got great interest for its User Held Data model and how to change the health data business and we also met its existing investors, including Sir Anthony Ritossa who is the mastermind behind this event.


Very interesting to also meet former F1 stars Mika Häkkinen and Juan Pablo Montoya and also discuss with them about tech trends and startups investments.


This is probably the leading family office event annually. Once again it proved to be successful and also demonstrated with the strong presence of technology companies that family offices also follow market and technology development closely. These events are not important only for the participants but they can help both family office and startup sectors as a whole better know each other.


Alex HernandezCo-Founder & CEO, AVEM, Switzerland

Avem together with Sir Anthony Ritossa of Ritossa Family Office from our first approach we aligned our vision, the world we live in today is very different due to issues such as unprecedented healthcare challenges and climate change; therefore, many leading companies understand that it is essential to make a difference.


To succeed across generations, a culture of excellence and compassion that inspires family members to look for ways to improve the world is essential.



Shivram KR
Founder, CEO HUE Tech, UAE

Having a great event at Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summits in Dubai. Presented about Hue Tech and our vision. Thanks to Sir Anthony Ritossa for your hospitality.


Koby Sakal 
Managing Director at Sakal Group Family Office

Excited to be in Dubai, for the 20th Anniversary of the Ritossa Family Office Conference by Sir Anthony Ritossa, alongside our partners, our GP Solomon Ibragimov of Abir Holdings Inc, Offer Dischon of PBO-OBS Global Group. 


Namy Bak Sudjic 

I’m grateful to have this opportunity to attend the unique 20th Edition of Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summits in Dubai 18-20 October, Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah!!

Thank you very much dear Sir Anthony Ritossa and Team. 

I'm glad and excited to hear the speakers and the performances of panelists from all over the world. I'm sure it will be a huge success and out of this world.


Stephen Warburton
Investor & Advisor, Araymint, UK

Just a fantastic gathering of likeminded individuals, working together towards a better future - with passion and purpose! Onwards Sir Anthony Ritossa - keep showing the way Anthony!!


Mussie Demissie
Executive Vice President of International Sales at Gate 8 Energy Solutions, USA

Uniting, building bridges, opening doors, motivating, listening, exchanging, helping smiling. without a doubt, this is the way, you and your great team are consistently achieving it, Sir, Anthony Ritossa, your astounding leadership showed the world that there are always paths that walk to get ahead. Because you have known how to extend that hand and make some door open, so that many peoples dreams and vision becomes a reality. Wishing you and your amazing team continued success, Love, Peace and Prosperity.


Cal Evans
Managing Associate, Gresham International, UK

Easily the best family office event

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